Yosemite issues

This is correct.

Maybe I am wrong but I vaguely remember a mention of LLVM and 64 bits being part of the reason for the delay on iOS. Well… This being something I cannot control (wish I could), we shall see when it comes around.

Now Joe has posted confirmation that iOS will be 32 bits and that pesky esoTalk won’t have me edit. Damn.

So no 64 bit :frowning:

Thank you Joe for the precision.

LLVM can compile to 32bit and 64bit. :slight_smile:

So iOS being compiled with LLVM we are a bit further along the path :slight_smile:

Yes, 64bit will come along next year I guess.
For Yosemite we are still safe I guess (minus the issue Sam has).
But it would be super if Xojo Inc can get 64bit 100% working for 10.11 :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed that no shell scripts are working on 10.10 if they interact with the Sandbox (Application Support/MyAppName). This affects almost every single XOJO app I have in the MAS. I hope this is fixed by GM time! This is disturbing!

Shell scripts work with Yosmite when not Sandboxed. Not yet tested when sandboxed though.

Yeah, shell scripts work fine…it’s when you try to run one that interacts with the sandbox…like the Application Support folder for your app…they don’t work.

Figured out my issue. Had nothing to do with Canvases.

No NSSharingServices??? God, I have no more hair after weeks of development for my new MAS App!!
Even QR Creator makes uses of this API in it 1.0.1version!

What’s next, make NSView 64 bit only? Apple is driving us crazy with 32 bit deprecation without prior warning.
I guess it’s not a major issue for Apple as their development environment is 32/64, but for us using Xojo is really more now a problem than a concern.

I’m guessing but the lack of response to my issue, they consider it dealt with. Which means unless they pick up on Christian’s bug report, NSSharingServices may not be available to us in 10.10.

[quote=121166:@Michel Bujardet]I have been to https://developer.apple.com/library/mac/documentation/AppKit/Reference/NSSharingService_Class/Reference/Reference.html
and see how complicated it would be to emulate each of the separate functions provided by the class.[/quote]
Before Apple released NSSharingServices, we’ve created several different versions of our own sharing library. However maintaining it was hard work, especially when many social sites don’t provide notification before they change their API and boom, it suddenly stops working and we get a bucket load of complaints!

Mind you, no one complained when Flickr stopped working, just when Twitter stopped working.

Fingers crossed they take action on Christian’s bug report. However I think this is a trend that’s only going to get worse in the future.

How are you calling shell scripts? What are you using Shell Scripts for?

Two suggestions:
#1 Look at using NSTask for executing terminal applications (and possibly shell scripts).
#2 Can your shell script be done with APIs? It most likely is possible and then would be the most correct way of trying to do what you want to do.


I downloaded Yosemith today and did some testing, from what I saw the only thing that is not working is that I capture in one of my projects the Serial Number via terminal by the code below and it is not working, does anyone have any idea how I can solve it?

[code]dim sh as new shell
sh.Execute “system_profiler SPHardwareDataType | grep ‘Serial Number’”
dim sn as string = sh.Result.NthField( “:”, 2 ).Trim

Label2.Text= str(sn) [/code]

Tanks for any Help !

this is what I used before switching to something like you described

sh.execute “/usr/sbin/ioreg -l | /usr/bin/grep IOPlatformSerialNumber”

sh.execute “/usr/sbin/system_profiler SPHardwareDataType | /usr/bin/grep ““Serial Number (system):”””

have NOT tested under Yosemite either way

Hi Dave S, Tanks for your Help !

I will test tomorrow you “Before and After” code that are slightly different from my and see how it works, tell me something, because you changed the code, had a problem with that too ?

Are you doing this from a Sandboxed application?

Just a matter of time before 32 bit programs will not be accepted by Apple. I already switched over to Xcode and have no problems submitting my apps. Hopefully Xojo will have 64 bit support in 2015 or earlier.

Hi Sam Rowlands , is not Sandboxed application !

The only problem I have with using Xcode is that I have to re-write all my apps, and I find it takes a long time to do some things that are simple in Xojo (although it could also be said that some times a simple thing in Xcode, take a longer time in Xojo!).[quote=121524:@Paulo Vargas]Hi Sam Rowlands , is not Sandboxed application ![/quote]
Oh, okay… I’ve heard of people having trouble with Shell Scripts in sandboxed applications