Yosemite issues

Run into the first issue with our software on Yosemite. NSSharingServices no longer works with Xojo based applications. It appears that with the latest DP Apple have dropped 32-Bit support on this framework. Both Christian Schmidt and I have logged a bug report with Apple in the hopes of getting them to implement 32-Bit support, however there is no guarantee that 32-Bit support will return.

At the moment that only framework I can see that has gone 64-Bit only is NSSharingServices, but please test your application throughly on Yosemite to see if any other frameworks are 64-Bit only for Yosemite. If you find one, please report it here so that we can try to persuade Apple to keep supporting us for Yosemite.

How to tell: Sadly trying NSClassFromString will return a valid NSObject, so the only way is to actually try to perform a task with the object, it doesn’t generate a capturable error, only a Console notification about NSSoftLink failing.

I’m also trying to think of ways how we can bring between a 32-Bit application and 64-Bit frameworks, which will work in a Sandbox environment. If anyone have any suggestions then please feel free to share them.

I forgot to mention that even something like NSSharingServices can be critical, we use this in almost all of the apps we’ve shipped in the last 18 months and we have 3 apps in development at the moment, using this service.

To go back to maintaining our own code for sharing, really is not something I look forward too!

Well, we had some issues with 32bit not working with other functions and Apple fixed them.
So maybe you just wait a week to two for the next update?

Sounds promising… Just concerned because I have a bug in Mavericks that haven’t been fixed (which I reported during the DPs), although I did figure out a workaround for it…

I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.

Does NSSharingServices affect anything native in Xojo?

I was very surprised that a bug I had reported and occurring in a 32bit framework had been fixed in DP5.

NSSharingServices is not part of Xojo framework.
It’s an addition via MBS Plugin by using a framework class from Cocoa framework.

It appears that my shit luck streak is going to continue. I got a response from Apple this morning.

[quote]Engineering has determined that there are no plans to address this[/quote] I’ve now tried pleading with them…

You know, I am really getting tired of playing catch up with Apple all the damn frigging time… I’ve wasted countless hours modifying my apps to meet their sudden changes and I’m really getting to the point where I’m thinking about giving up with them. Same old slogan “Love the products, hate the company”.

I have been to https://developer.apple.com/library/mac/documentation/AppKit/Reference/NSSharingService_Class/Reference/Reference.html
and see how complicated it would be to emulate each of the separate functions provided by the class.

Apple moving to 64 bits, we can just hope that Xojo will be ready in time to avoid the complete catastrophe that would be a deprecation of the entire 32 bits architecture.

Now, a naive question : would it not be possible to conceive a small 64 bit X-Code helper application that you would interface with through shell ? You could hand it objects and what to do with them, right ?

I just sent Apple a Xcode project showing the problem.

I tried my app on Yosemite Beta. I use a lot of custom buttons created with a Canvas. None of them respond to taps done by MacBook’s trackpad. I have to actually click the trackpad to make them fire events. Anyone having this issue?

Unfortunately my MacBook cannot run Yosemite so I cannot test. You mean tap on the trackpad no longer fires MouseDown ? You have to use the button to click ?

Have you checked “clicking” in the trackpad preferences ?

Yes, all my Canvases use MouseDown/MouseUp. Nothing happened when I tapped them. “Tap to click” was enabled in preferences. In Apple’s apps tapping worked fine. I only had a little time to test it yesterday, I’m gonna do more testing today on a new project.

If this is confirmed, it may break a lot of custom controls. A possible workaround is to place a bevelbutton under the canvas. From what I can test with the mouse, the click goes through the canvas fine and triggers the Action event of the button.

Several of my apps have uses canvas (as a custom control) and it works fine with DP5 on my MBPr.

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64bit support is way to late. imo they should go 64bit first and then do iOS support.

On a side note: (canvas) graphics on Yosemite are definitely faster (I would say 2 to 3 times faster).

[quote=121363:@Christoph De Vocht]+1 +1 +1
64bit support is way to late. imo they should go 64bit first and then do iOS support.[/quote]

Everything is late. But we know for sure now iOS is not a legend anymore. As iOS would not be possible without 64 bits, we are assured Xojo now has a hold on that technology.

One thing is for sure : it is way too late to change the order of things : iOS will be released before 64 bits.

I have no doubt that Xojo, Inc. is acutely aware of the need to have 64 bits for OS X sooner than later.

Don’t think this is the case. As far as I know Xojo iOS creates 32bit iOS apps.

True. :slight_smile: