Yosemite and App Store

I am attempting to get my mother upgraded to Yosemite, so we can move to El Captian soon.

HOWEVER… when she goes to APP STORE and clicks on “OSX Yosemite” she clicks the “GET” button
and then a dialog pops up asking her to “SHARE THE LINK on Twitter or Facebook etc”…
there is NO WAY to dismiss this,
then about 30 seconds later the box comes up to enter her Apple Profile data…
but since the first box has focus (and won’t let go), she cannot type in her password…
As a matter of fact at this point she can do NOTHING, except force quit the APP Store (which still leaves both dialogs on screen)
and then reboot the computer

Any ideas???

Do you actually need need to upgrade to Yosemite before moving to El Capitan
Usually you can just jump directly from one to the other

I don’t know… and didn’t want to chance Yosemite disappearing from App Store then finding out we needed it

and heck, there is no telling that ElCap install attempt won’t do the same strange stuff. If something weird is gonna happen, it will happen to my mother.

My ElCap install on my laptop went flawless (well so far… it has 30 min to complete)

You can jump.
Once you’re on an OS that has the App Store you can jump to whatever the latest is.

Source: Memory

If you hadn’t already “purchased” it then it may no longer be available
I’ve run into that
So I grab the installers and hang on to them just in case