Yearly fee the same? No discounts?

Correct me if I’m wrong but I cannot find any information about the yearly fee discounts.

As far as I understand it from the website you have to pay $699/year to keep getting upgrades? I assume I overlooked this somewhere, please provide a link what the exact discounts are for customers.


We did lower the price of Pro and switched our pricing model to annual pricing. You can read more about the changes here:

I noticed this. I am keeping track of xojo for some time now and if I remember correctly in the past you get discounts when you want to add another year to your license. That doesn’t seems to be the case now?
You have to pay the full bucket every year without any discount? Correct?

Correct. We’ve lowered the price of products like Pro, and made it consistent annual pricing.

@John: No more discounts. Don’t renew. Buy a new license. The old license gives you more installations, or give it to your nephew …

WTF ?? This is a joke right?
What happens to loyalty? About any software I bought in the past ALWAYS offers some kind of discount. Mostly we talk about 30-50% discount.

If this is the way xojo treat people I look somewhere else. What a ripoff.

There was a long discussion about this in the beta forum.
Maybe that conversation could be made public? Otherwise there will just pop up a new one…

[quote=149730:@John Mills]WTF ?? This is a joke right?
What happens to loyalty? About any software I bought in the past ALWAYS offers some kind of discount. Mostly we talk about 30-50% discount.

If this is the way xojo treat people I look somewhere else. What a ripoff.[/quote]
Like many other software companies, we have moved to annual pricing because it allows them to lower the entry price. For Desktop users, we have merged the Database Server license into the Desktop license. For Xojo Pro users, we added a new platform: iOS.

I can imagine this happend behind hidden lines.

I get this. But what about loyalty to customers? Do they really need to pay the full bucket every year to keep getting updates? Name one other company doing this?

This a pure commercial suicide.
Why on earth should I step into xojo when this company shows no respect to customers?


It makes sense to me. The desktop license is a viable option now, that it includes Database Servers. If you are doing X-platform Client-Server applications then this is a very good option.

If you wish to build for Web and iOS as well, then go pro and get a rich package for a reasonable price.

You added something i don’t want and certainly don’t want to pay for.
It makes the original pro-license much more expensive instead of cheaper. I.M.O this new yearly fee is another move to only support Apple products.
Under these conditions i won’t renew.

Renew … thats what I am talking about. I get the prices are high and have no issues paying those when I actaully want to start getting into xojo.
Except, when the year end nears I have to pay the full price AGAIN? Now thats pretty wrong for ANY business.
I will for sure not step into such business and look elsewhere.

I get one word for this: SHAME !

[quote=149761:@John Mills]<…>

I get one word for this: SHAME ![/quote]

I don’t agree. You do not have to renew, only if you want to profit from the continuous work of the Xojo team throughout the year and get the latest versions of the IDE. If you want that, then you have to support Xojo. Ant the prices are absolutely okay for what we get.

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Well, I have been paying yearly for Xojo but I haven’t been using it a whole lot. I just keep renewing to get the discount in-case I need it . So, I might just take a couple years off from Xojo and try some other languages and maybe come back to Xojo in a couple years. It has been a good run though. $495 was a good price, but $699 is harder to swallow.

So have I understood this correctly - the price for PRO version has been lowered, meaning the people who CAN afford that, now get it cheaper BUT the renewal discount for the normal versions for people who CANNOT afford it, has been removed???


I think certain people here are forgetting that not everyone can afford the PRO version, and some people do not have plenty of free spending money!

No one asked for the new IDE and IMO it’s an inefficient toy compared to the old RS IDE and now i have to pay for supporting another Apple toy? No Way.

Why the heck everybody is believing that software should be for free or next to nothing? That professional programmers work their azz off for peanuts? Just because some half-eaten-fruit company is throwing away software in order to sell hardware does not mean that Xojo or any other Pro has to do the same.

If you make a living with software then 50 something bucks a month is not a big deal. And if you don’t, then you probably do not need the pro version.

While my license doesn’t expire until 2017… I do feel that now when I renew it will be 2x what I was expecting… and having the database server module means nothing to me…

And yeah if I made $1,000’s off writing software it probably wouldn’t matter… but I don’t, I have another full time job for that

Well, this pricing change is going to save me a bundle! Since I develop for a single OS I will go for the Single Desktop license when I have to renew instead of continuing my full Desktop license. $99 instead of $299 is much better for me. and if I ever need an additional OS environment, I’ll just pick up a second Single Desktop license. As long as I don’t need database server access I’m set.