Year not rolling over, can someone please help?

My husband cliffgs (Cliff S) wrote a rain statistics program which we used for about five years. He died on December 10 2016. The year rolled over fine on January 2017 but this year it didn’t. Instead of showing 2018 it just shows 0 at the top. Also in about October I couldn’t access the statistics, just the graph.
I would be very grateful if I could bundle up all the parts and send it to some kind person via wetransfer (or some other designated way. I’m sure Cliff could have sorted this problem out in a few minutes. Someone else might take a few more minutes as he or she is not familiar with the program but I think it would be fairly easy for someone who was proficient in xojo programming.
All threads from Cliff have been changed to my name but they are all his.
Thanks in advance.
Clare (Cliff’s wife)

Hi Clare,

I‘m happy to have a look. I suspect that an integer overflow happened somewhere (he probably saved the date as TotalSeconds somewhere). Just send me a pm.

Best Regards


Hey Clare,

Really sorry to hear of Cliff’s passing, and more so that I didn’t miss him here!

I would be happy to have a look at his code & help out.

Best wishes to you & the family.

P.S. Go with Wayne, he‘s a better programmer than me :wink:

Hi Markus and Wayne,
Thanks to both of you. Norman Palardy emailed me earlier tonight so I zipped up everything I could find and sent it to him.

Best man for the job … :wink:

Good to know!