YahooWeather Example App No Longer Working

In my desktop app, I access Yahoo Weather using WOEID, and it has been working great for about 2 years. Late last week, I noticed I was no longer reporting the weather. Xojo has an example app included that also accesses Yahoo Weather and that example is no longer working either. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem? I don’t know whether the service is just down, or Yahoo has eliminated the service all together.

The current weather is important for my app, so I’m looking for a replacement. There is a link to the National Weather Service at:


But I don’t know how I could get this to work with Xojo.

There was an example app (Weather Retriever) posted by Michael Allen that accessed weather with a zip code. That worked really well until I realized it never updated the weather. I tried it again this morning and it reported a temperature of 57 degrees F. Its 38 degrees now where I am in Connecticut.

I was wondering if anyone knows what happened to Yahoo Weather or knows a different way to get weather conditions of a particular area. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

This might help.

It appears Yahoo changed some things on their end. This StackOverflow topic suggests changing the URL from “” to “”. That seemed to work for the Xojo example in my quick test.

Thanks Paul. That worked perfectly. Its all working again. Just the url change did the trick. Also thank you Steve for that link. I really appreciate you both taking the time to help me.

If there’s a Yahoo developer link, I would recommend signing up for it so that they notify you when they change their API.

I only found out that our Twitter support was broken when customers complained, because I hardly ever use Twitter and they don’t notify developers when their API changes. Facebook and Flickr do.

Twitter makes too much profit, and has too many new customers, so they don’t have time to notify developers :wink:

Seriously, what are they thinking ? They are losing customers left and right, their stock is in disarray, and they don’t even care about third party apps ?