The title says it all. \

It doesn’t say enough for me…


Could you expand on what exactly the title means?

When one needs to explain a joke . . .

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Nothing happens

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I’ll post an explanation of his joke if I ever get out of these twisty little passages.


A search tells me it could be:

  • Cards Against Humanity clone
  • A chat program
  • A gaming cheat code
  • Interactive Fiction Awards
  • A magical word from Colossal Cave Adventure

Guess some of us are just not hip enough to get the joke

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I’m guessing #5.

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Guess some of YOU are just not OLD enough to get the joke.


ok maybe with this clue I can narrow the results
what would this age bracket be?

Xyzzy (computing) - Wikipedia ?

Thats it! Anyone who played “Adventure” (Colossal Caves)on a 300 baud modem probably has a sweet spot in their heart for the phrase “xyzzy” . Not to mention utter delight at the command “free bird”!

Colossal Caves was the first, and for years, the only adventure game of widespread notoriety on any platform.

It was a simple text based adventure. You could but in one or two word commands. “eat food”, “turn left”, “get cage”.

There was a magic word written on the cave wall (?) “Xyzzy” – I wont post a spolier…




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Where do we go from here ?

Guns an Roses

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Now you’re cooking with gas!

Well, I thought that the intention was just to throw in a random meta var name and observe the noise arising.

What’s a metasyntactic var name? In simple terms, those usual ones that people use when explaining things when writing examples, like:

foobar, foo, bar, baz, waldo, fred and... xyzzy 

in the UK:

wibble, wobble, wubble, and flob

in France:

toto, tata, titi, tutu.

Punch cards or at lease acoustic modem old.

Which ones? 80 or 96 columns?

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Does one remind what was the column number on a punch card that would lead to hiccups (at least in Fortran) i punched by error ?