XTeTiC Release (Formerly SimScript)

XTeTiC allows developers to enhance and expand their software after compilation with ease. From dynamic code and interfaces, robotics and web applications, XTeTiC is opening new doors for Xojo developers.

SimScript for Xojo was rebranded bythe beta team as XTeTiC. XTeTiC is a product of Simulanics Technologies and Xojo Developer’s Spot. Simtech and XDS are not affiliated with Xojo, Inc. XTeTiC has been modified from the original SimScript dialect to match Xojo’s syntax, and is not compatible with SimScript libraries for other languages.

XTeTiC may only be obtained or used by valid Xojo license holders. Compilation of the XTeTiC engine classes in stand alone Xojo applications requires the purchase of an XTeTiC license key. XDS is offering a discounted prerelease introductory price for single user encrypted license keys for a limited time. Other licenses including bulk business or source code licenses, require inquiry by email. You will need to login to your XDS account to download or access XTeTiC materials.

To learn more about XTeTiC visit:

XTeTiC Designer

Load XTeTiC Plugins and Scripts into compiled Xojo applications for full dynamic code and interface capabilities.

Debug Desktop/Web Plugins by loading them into your uncompiled Xojo applications for testing before compilation!

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