XojoThemes 1.1 - IDE Theme Creation for Xojo Developers

Belfast, UK (Aug 1 2016) - Gavin Smith today is proud to announce the release and immediate availability of XojoThemes 1.1. XojoThemes allows you to choose or create themes for the Xojo IDE’s code editor. For example, you might want to have one theme for the daytime and a different one for the evening. I suggest Sunset and Solarized Dark.

The previous update, version 1.0, introduced the ability to create your own themes. Simply select one of the default themes and click the Add (+) button and a new custom theme is created, based on the previously selected theme. Make changes to your themes by clicking color swatches or changing the font in the Previews box. Set the theme then love Xojo just a little bit more.

Version 1.1 brings several bug fixes and a rather nice new icon.

XojoThemes is currently OS X only, free and available now. Thanks to everyone on the Xojo forum, Norman Palardy and everyone else at Xojo Inc. Special thanks to Patrick Delaney for commissioning the icon.

Website: http://www.libertyapp.com/xojothemes/
Download: http://www.libertyapp.com/xojothemes/XojoThemes.zip