xojospeak, broken is fixed, fixed is broken

Start project; add a combo box with autocomplete on and a text field
Add to combo box:
Add Change event
textfield.text = str(me.listindex)
Run project
Type n; now is highlighted not Now . In rb12 Now is highlighted<— Still not fixed
Nothing in textfield because no change event occurs.
Press the enter key or tab key, text box: -1. But in rb12 pressing the enter key or tab does trigger the change event and the text box show the correct list index, 1. Which is how it should work.

As far as I can tell only clicking on the “Now” from the drop down box triggers the change event in xojo. XOJO agrees see below.

It gets worse

Delete the change event and add a text change event.

Run project
Type n; now is highlighted not Now . In rb12 Now is highlighted<— Still not fixed
Textfield is 0.
Press the enter key or tab key, text box: 0. But in rb12 pressing the enter key or tab does trigger the text change event and the text box show the correct listindex, 1.

The point being autocomplete does not work. When the combo text box is filled with the completed word the change event MUST fire and did in rb.

Per Xojo below this is how it works but it doesn’t work. In other words it was broken in every previous version of rb but worked but now its been fixed in xojo but doesn’t work. Hence xojospeak broken is fixed, fixed is broken.

22 hours ago Xojo Inc
The change event is from the selection based on the “popup menu” portion of the combobox NOT the textfield
TextChanged is for the text in the textfield portion of the combo box
see http://documentation.xojo.com/index.php/ComboBox and visit the Change and TextChanged events

Otherwise you could not tell which portion caused the change to occur

Its functioning as intended

Some other xojospeak for you… Do you have a feedback report for this?

I know it’s easy to get upset about regressions, but it doesn’t get them fixed any faster and doesn’t motivate anyone to want to help you. A simple, actionable feedback report would get you further, faster.

First off. the DEFAULT value for LISTINDEX of a combobox (popup menu or listbox) is -1 not zero
so that answers your first issue, and explains why textfield shows “-1”, RB2012 was incorrect in its behaviour.
Nothing changed, so the change event should NOT fire.

Brad, autocomplete doesn’t work. A feedback case was filed, reviewed and verified Aug. 12, 2012! A year later and they still can’t get a standard control to work?

Its also the absurdity of saying something works when it clearly doesn’t and hasn’t for over a year. It can’t be functioning as intended unless you intend it not to work (xojospeak).

Not included in this conversation was the five line combo box drop down limit. Another absurdity that was reviewed, verified and marked as fixed; instead of fixing it they changed the built in limit to 15 from 5, but they didn’t fix it. xj added the declares necessary to increase the limit to whatever number you choose in the read me file. Not a fix a workaround. So instead of one engineer at xojo fixing the combo box everyone who wants to use the combo box has to waste their time rigging it to work.

I just created a combobox with 100 items… sure it only shows 5 at a time… with an appropriate scroll bar… seems to work just fine from what I can tell…

And as to the Change Event… that to is the way it has (and should be). So I am at a loss as to what the “issue” is here.


Respectfully… Everyone in this community has a few long-standing Real Studio / Xojo issues that would make their lives so much better if they got fixed. You’re not unique. This is par for the course with any development software you have ever used, are currently using, or will ever use. So when you come in with a metric f-tonne of snark about how your favorite issue hasn’t been fixed in a whole year, that sound you hear is 150 people who read your screed chuckling and thinking “Rookie”. The snark isn’t needed and it doesn’t help get what you want, which apparently is either something fixed or some assistance better understanding, or a workaround.

In a couple issues that Dave has picked out of your rambling complaint, it really looks like you have incorrect expectations for how something should work. This happens to all of us. It happens to me about 7 times per day, and I do this stuff professionally and sorta competently. If you pre-wrap it in invective, nobody’s going to take the time to help you. An approach you might try is to state what isn’t working as you expect, what you expect, how it’s working. Then a whole bunch of smart people can help you correct your understanding or work around a problem.

Dave tried to figure out a couple issues for you, with no acknowledgement from you or further engagement. That doesn’t help you as much as it could here. He’s kinda nailed a couple things here.