XojoScript how can I change the build destination?

Hi all!
How is the command to change the build destination in xojoscript? I can’t find it…

Many thanks!

There isn’t one because you don’t

You have two choices

  • use the builds folder
  • don’t

You can change this in the Shared Build settings

If you want you builds to go someplace else the only real way is to use a symlink, alias, shortcut in place of the builds folder to point to a different location

Thanks Norman for your answer.
I found this feature interesting… I use the script to set some global constants for app store (lite or full version) and build the two different apps, and then I have to make a single build for the windows version… I think I will not be dead for this “effort”, but it can be handy, don’t you think?

file a feature request

the builds folder was put in place because when we used to build carbon / cocoa windows & linux in the same location they would overwrite one another
the builds folder fixes that so you DON’T accidentally overwrite each build

adding in the ability to alter the builds folder would make it possible for you to once again cause this same problem

I’d just do the build, add a post build step that zips or moves the just built app out of the way

Ciao Sergio,
you can add a post build step to rename the build folder

[quote=135946:@Antonio Rinaldi]Ciao Sergio,
you can add a post build step to rename the build folder[/quote]

Or even use an IDE script with a DoShellCommand to move it elsewhere.