Xojoscript Error Reporting

I am starting to convert my RBScripts to XojoScripts in preparation for removal of RBScripts, which I fear is going to happen soon. Everything seems to be working well except listing of multiple errors in my code. How do I get XojoScripts to report multiple errors in my code without commenting out the line with the error and re-running precompile?

I am following the directions and returning false from the CompilerError handler.

After another hour of trial and error, I discovered that everything works properly provided I use the following
code in the CompilerError handler

AddMessage( True, ErrorCodeToString( error ), location, errorInfo )
Return false
exception err

The key is to include “exception err” at the bottom, whether or not you wish to trap the exception. I would be grateful if
someone could explain to me why that is critical when I am returning false.