Hi guys!

From the docs:

I tried returning false but it doesn’t seem to work.

Doc error?

What do you expect it to do exactly?

To not stop the compilation and not prevent further errors/warnings? :wink:

I’m pre-compiling…

Do you get a single event or multiple?

Only the first one.

What’s slightly fishy is that using return at all seems optional.

Yes, there should be a default value. See docs

It’s is optional. Not returning anything is the same as returning False.

Alright. Then it’s not working over here as it stops checking one way or the other.

It’s possible that the nature of the error prevents it from moving forward. For instance, a missing closing quote can make the compiler think that everything beyond that point is simply an invalid part of that string.

What’s the text of the error?

I tried different ones, but for example #11 - Undefined identifier.

Is it possible that it’s the only error?

I was just re-checking and it appears something has changed along the way.

My bad. Thanks all!