XojoScript 64-bit

I’ve found multiple topics on the forum with questions about XojoScript and when 64-bit support for it would be there. Unless I’ve misinterpreted things, the answer in these cases was that as soon as the IDE was 64-bit (early 2017) XojoScript would support 64-bit as well, because the IDE was using XojoScript.

Since 2017r1 is now 64-bit, I’d expected that XojoScript would support 64-bit as well, however, the updated 64-bit guidelines on developer.xojo.com still state:

“XojoScript is not yet supported for any 64-bit or Raspberry Pi app.”

Are the guidelines correct and is 64-bit support for XojoScript indeed still in development, or do the guidelines need another update?

The IDE and XojoScript are not yet 64 bit. Hopefully for 2017r2.

Ah, so the fact that 64-bit debugging is available in MacOS does not mean the IDE is 64-bit. Clear. Thanx for the answer.

Thanks for the explanation. I was also confused about this. I’d thought 64 bit debugging wouldn’t be available until the IDE was 64 bit.