Xojo's YouTube Channel

Not sure if I should just be submitting it as feedback really but I only speak English (to my shame ) and the Xojo YouTube channel is slowly getting filled with other languages. Do you think Xojo should make separate channels for each language?

For example of the last 10 posted videos only 3 are in English.

For the sake of clarity I don’t have the opinion that it should have English as it’s primary language, Xojo can have any language they like as the primary but I constantly get notified by YouTube that there is a video to watch only to find I don’t understand it.

Separating it into language channels makes sense to me, am I wrong?

The youtube auto translate feature works well in Spanish. I don’t mind and I think it’s good for the eco system to have them merged into one channel.

HI Rod, It’s true that we use a single channel to host all our videos, in all languages. We made the decision to keep all the Xojo videos in a single place and not create multiple channels. We do have Playlists for every language (and for various topics of course too) and these are good for sticking to a single language. Yes, if you go to the all video view, you will see everything, including all languages. But if you search for a topic or use the Playlists - it’s easier to stick to your preferred language. Additionally, some of the non-English videos have English subtitles (this should be noted in the description). Plus, since the IDE is English only, there’s no reason you can’t mute a language you don’t know and follow along with the video and still learn something new :slight_smile:

How true is this. How many videos I’ve seen on how to teardown a phone, computer, , that have some weird techno music behind; and if I’m lucky some captions. They have still been pretty useful.

Yes, because the rest of us would then have to look in a few different places to make sure we did not miss something. It only takes me a few seconds to pick out the English and German ones and I expect it’s the same for others.

I did not grow up in Switzerland and did not learn German until I was in my later 30s. So I find the German videos good motivation to use High German, as mine is lousy!

Please leave all videos in one channel. It’s easier to filter unknown languages as to look into different channels.
Take care …