Xojo's XML framework crashing. Alternatives?

I need an XML framework with XQL (Xpath search) ability that does not simply crash (Xojo 2016r4) or stop working (Real Studio 2012r2) when it gets some unusual input. (<https://xojo.com/issue/47435>)

I need this mainly for OS X for now. Any suggestions that I could use with Xojo? (I could switch to using Python or something instead of Xojo but would rather not right now).

Not sure what your application is…it may be overkill, but BaseX is pretty cool. It has a REST interface which you could call via xojo.


Thanks - but Antonio has found that my sample project does not crash inside the Xql function as I had assumed but in XmlNodeList.ToString - and I can avoid calling that. So I’ve found a work-around and can keep using Xojo’s XML framework, after all. Yay.