Well, XOJOR3 has been released.
When I saw this some days ago there seemed to be problems with the downloads so I left it for a day or two before even going to the download page.
However, when I did go to the download page I found, to my surprise, XOJOR3 with a sys minimum spec of WindowsXP SP3, not SP2 - jumped right on the download and installed.
My system specs are Windows XP Pro SP3 with 640 megs Rambus ram.
Fired up XOJO and added a couple of text fields, no code, to the default window and got a memory access error. I could see XOJO was trying to catch the error but in the end I just shut the IDE down. On the second run got another XOJO error, unspecified this time, and also a Windows app crash dialog. At this point I shut XOJO down then rebooted the system. After this XOJO worked okay and I could not reproduce the error after doing many runs and a build. I did notice though that after each run the Super component on the inspector panel was not refreshing cleanly. I’m speculating internationalization issues but nice to see the sizing flexibility in the panels. Hope they will look better.
As a final test I decided to load XOJO up a little. I added ElasticWindows, twenty-two text fields and a group box to the default window, no code. I ran this setup about twenty-five times - run,exit in fairly quick succession. There were a few times when the program wouldn’t compile and I was just kicked back to the IDE. However, XOJO didn’t crash and if I waited for a few minutes the program compiled fine and the interface worked great;probably the framework releasing resources. Somebody has been working in the engine room. After a build the executable always worked.
As a final test I tried re-sizing the window with all the controls on it but no Elastic Windows. This revealed a couple of significant behaviours.
Firstly, the window re-sizes from the center and not from the edges or corners. Any controls remain in the same position and do not re-size. I would like to hear if this is the intended window re-size operation.
Secondly, and related to the first, if the window is shrunk, say vertically, all controls remain visible and not resized, even over the paste board and not the window. I would also like to hear if this operation is intended.

Sorry for the long post. Hope if anybody needs this they find it useful.

You need way more RAM.

Unhappily you need an upgrade. I can’t see a machine nowadays with less than 2Gb.
Usually any 5 years old machine has enough specs.

Thom McGrath
17 minutes ago Alpha Testers, Beta Testers, Xojo Pro Greater Hartford Area, CT

You need way more RAM.

Rick A.
12 minutes ago

Unhappily you need an upgrade. I can’t see a machine nowadays with less than 2Gb.
Usually any 5 years old machine has enough specs.

Yes, more ram, newer system.
I have other systems, up to 16 gigs ram, multi-core, up to Windows 7.

The focus here was on XP functionality and with pretty severe operating restrictions.
Thanks for your comments.

I don’t call this severe: http://documentation.xojo.com/index.php/System_requirements

Is this post a complaint that the update didn’t list the memory system requirements for Xojo? It seems a roundabout way to do so.

I guess it should be obvious but 640MB of RAM, while perfectly workable for a machine in certain environments, stopped being common ten years ago, when it became very low-end specs. Xojo requires 1GB of RAM, which is very far below what would be “low-end” nowadays.

And about Windows XP, be prepared.

Hello folks.
Um, seems to be some confusion here.

Firstly, as you will note from my original post, the pretty severe operating restrictions I was referring to was my old system that I was using to test XOJOR3.

Secondly, you may recall from the old RS forum there was an issue of the IDE crashing under Windows XP SP3. You will note from my original post that the download page now states Windows XP SP3 and up instead of SP2. You should also note from my original post that the things I was doing should have caused the XOJO IDE to crash and, as I pointed out, the IDE did not crash. Work has been done on the framework to XOJO’s credit.

Hope this clears things up.