XojoNews publishes daily Xojo news updates

UK (March 24 2014) — XojoNews publishes daily Xojo news updates.

XojoNews has been relaunched with a new look and a new format. XojoNews covers cross-platform development news, with a particular focus on Xojo. Whether it’s blog updates, third-party control updates, forums, training videos or seminars, it will all be covered on XojoNews, with regularly daily updates.

XojoNews also includes an RSS feed so you don’t have to keep checking the site. Or subscribe to the free XojoNews Roundup mailing list, and receive a weekly recap of all the news, straight to your Inbox every Sunday morning, in a clean and easy-to-read format.

Check out http://www.xojonews.com or contact gavin@xojonews.com with comments or for more information.