xojoconsoleframework32 size has increased dramatically

Hey guys, just thought I would ask…
xojoconsoleframework32.so was about 7,821,844 bytes on a linux web app build under 2016r2.1

now reporting 38,781,716 bytes - same app built under 2016r4.1 (I say same app, but actually one small difference - I added a webpicture to a weblistbox column via the new cellpicture method).

Seems a surprising jump in file size?

The Unicode libraries are now linked in.

As Christian notes, starting with 2016r3, the libicu library is now linked into the framework:

44422 Framework » Linux Statically linking in ICU library again since there’s no great ABI stability guarantee across ICU versions and it’s problematic for users to get the right one installed.

Thanks guys.