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All the tutorials are now wrapped in a single download, to make it easy for educators to use the tutorials in their classrooms, or for storing the tutorials locally for your own convenience.

Is there support for importing any 3D standard objects? If I could build something in any some other 3D modeling software and convert/import it to draw on the OpenGL surface, that would be cool.

I would be very surprised if you couldn’t.

This might help:

I’ve been working through the tutorials and decided to make my own class that creates the necessary triangles (X3Polygons) for a shape with an unspecified number of vertices. I know that the triangles are being created successfully since I single stepped in the debugger but when I use the code to draw the polygons in a for loop like tutorial 5 (I literally copied the code) nothing is drawn on the screen. Is there a way that I can view errors from during the rendering of my triangles? Thanks

Hello Alwyn,

Thank you for spending the vast amount of time to create your great examples and then having them on a website for everyone to try. Your examples are clear and well described.

Well done!


Yes, there is. I’ve been working on such a tool for the past few months… X3 FileAssist. It converts “to” and “from” (both ways) WaveFront OBJ files. After some research I found that OBJ files seems to be the most common and well supported file type, and thought this would be the best format to add support for first.

X3 FileAssist has been in alpha for a couple of months now. I have one or two minor issues to sort out. I’ll see if I can get a beta build ready for you this evening Brock.

There is also a tool X3 Viewer, that can be used to view X3M files. Will try to get a beta build of this tool ready as well.

Here is the open file format specification I’m working on to support the loading/saving of your 3D assets.

Both X3 FileAssist and X3 Viewer will be free tools and are designed for the above specification.

Jason, I highly recommend that when you write your 3D applications that you always use the X3 modules from the latest tutorial, currently tutorial 16. With each tutorial the rendering algorithms are improved and optimized.

I’m in the process of setting up a GitHub repository for the “X3 Core XDK”… a cross-platform development kit for 3D written in pure Xojo. This GitHub repository will become the official development trunk for the X3 Xojo 3D engine. Will post a link to the repository as soon as I’ve set it up.

If the rendering code in tutorial 16 doesn’t solve your problem, you can send me your project through a private message if you want, and I’ll have a quick look to see if I can spot the problem. Are you using Windows, OS X or Linux?

I still need to add proper error handling. This will probably happen once I’ve got the GitHub repository set up.

You’re welcome Eugene.

Here are the download links for the X3 tools…

X3 FileAssist - Convert between WaveFront OBJ and X3M files.
X3 FileAssist (Windows)
X3 FileAssist (OS X)
X3 FileAssist (Linux)

X3 Viewer - View X3M files
X3 Viewer (Windows)
X3 Viewer (OS X)
X3 Viewer (Linux)

Please note that these are the first versions of the tools, so they are still far from feature complete. From my testing some models imports/exports flawlessly, and some still needs some work. The tools should however be able to get anyone started with using basic models in their 3D applications/games.

Here is some screenshots of files imported from Wavefront OBJ files with X3 FileAssist, and then rendered with the libraries that I’ll publish soon on GitHub.

33,182 polygons

46,703 polygons

The new GitHub repository for the X3 XDK…


Hey Alwyn hope you are doing well. Sorry I have not spoken in a while been super busy on projects, still am, but I am following you closely.

Hey Alwyn hope you are doing well. Sorry I have not spoken in a while been super busy on projects, still am, but I am following you closely.

Cool man. Glad to see you are still around :wink: