Xojo3D.com now open

For the past few of months I’ve been working on a new tutorial website, to help new Xojo developers get started with 3D programming in Xojo.

Xojo3D.com is now open to the public, and I’d like to invite any programmer with an interest in 3D graphics, to give the website a visit, and let me know what you think.


Thanks, Alwyn. I’ve updated the link here: http://documentation.xojo.com/index.php/Community_Resources#Training_and_Tutorials

Thanks Paul. Much appreciated :wink:

Very cool, Alwyn, thanks! One note: the plural of “vertex” is “vertices”, not “vertexes”.

Thank you Julia.

I’ve been debating this for a looong time, is it “vertices” or “vertexes”? English is not my native tongue and I couldn’t find any clear answers on Google. And the differences between UK Engilsh and US English also complicated it further.

But I’ll make sure to change it to vertices at some point. Thanks for the heads up.

I’ve always been a text/database sort of guy, never delved too much into graphics but reading your first tutorial, I’ll be back.

Appreciated Steven.

If you have any questions or queries you’re welcome to post them here and I’ll try to help where I can.

This is now corrected on the website.