Xojo2024R1: WebListBox with DataSource: ColumnData method

In the Opening event of my web page (QueryPage) I have the code:

ResultsList.DataSource = new TableDataSource

I believe this code will execute TableDataSource.ColumnData which will put the column headings on the ResultsList (aka WebListBox). This will be fine if I want to run single query returning list of values from columns ex: “a, b, c”.

However, I need to be able to run multiple queries on this QueryPage that will return various values.
Query 1 will return “a, b, c” while Query 2 will return “x,y”

Since I need to re-use the ResultsList control I need to change column headings on it to match the data set returned by selected query (either “a, b, c” or “x, y”).

I think TableDataSource.ColumnData method is called only once when instantiating (Opening event) the ResultsList control. How can I change the layout of the ResultsList when running selected query?