Xojo2024R1 sorting WebListBox by column and loading row

I am not sure if this is a bug, but I can observe behavior that is really puzzling. When I select row in the WebListBox and load the details based on id in the row I get correct results. However, when WebListBox is sorted by column there is a scenario when reselecting previously selected row will load wrong details from the database. It appears as if the selected row number is out of synch with the underlying data list.

The problem of course is that detail will be wrong. This can be replicated with subset of rows that have identical value in one of the columns that will be sorted on, when list is loaded initially let’s say the selected row is 6, after sorting on the column up and down the selected row will change to 5, when this row is reselected again the underlying detail will be incorrect.

If you can create a sample project and share it, someone will take a look. You will need one to open an Issue.

In the interest of time I have modified the code to workaround the existing issue by putting the record id into the WebListBox control, instead of using custom methods of underlying list (we use subclasses and data is fetched from Postgress). The detail is no loaded properly even though the sort changes position of the selected row in the WebListBox control. If I have more time to produce the demo of this issue I will certainly send the sample project, in the meantime I am sticking to the workaround. Thanks.