Xojo2024R1: prompt dialog with entry field

Scenario: WebListBox control, double clicking on the row, the prompt dialog shows with entry field populated with value from the selected row (this is the workaround copy to clipboard).
In Xojo2018 the value in the entry field is selected (highlighted), in Xojo2024R1 the value is not selected (highlighted).

I have tried putting into Opening event following:


but that didn’t work.

I asked ChatGPT and it suggested:

Me.SelStart = 0
Me.SelLength = Len(Me.Text)

but that simply results in errors in Xojo2024R1.

How can I highlight the value in the entry field programmatically?

What does the weblistbox doc say about weblistbox properties?

Let me clarify, I have placed the code into Opening event of the entry field on the dialog prompt (WebDialog).
I have also looked at help document, it states:

I have tried this as well but not working as well.

Further info.
The original code opening dialog prompt (called FileNamePromptDialog):

Var AcctNumPrompt As New FileNamePromptDialog

AcctNumPrompt.FieldLabel.text = "Account Number:"
AcctNumPrompt.FileNameField.text = acctNum
AcctNumPrompt.CancelButton.Visible = False
AcctNumPrompt.SaveButton.Caption = "OK"


where acctNum is a parameter String.

This code works in Xojo2018 but not in Xojo2024R1.

Is this dialog only used for this purpose?
If that is the case have you tried adding Shown event with code like


If not, you may be able to use a property and in the Shown event test if you need to setfocus/selectall a particular field.

Alberto, the dialog is used elsewhere as well, hence this name. Putting aside this though, I have tried adding Me.SelectAll into Shown event but it didn’t work. Now that I think of it, the entry field is empty upon Opening or Shown so it can’t work anyway.
I did create custom method in the FileNamePromptDialog and called it, still not selecting content of the entry field.

More info.
I have added (to FileNamePromptDialog) the SelectButton (WebButton) with the Pressed event with the code:


When FileNamePromptDialog open and I click on the SelectButton the content of the FileNameField gets highlighted as expected.

Where did you call it?
If you added a line to the same block of code as AcctNumPrompt.Show then that will not work, that’s why I mentioned the Shown event of FileNamePromptDialog

I was talking something like this:

OK, initially I have added the code to FileNameField.Shown event - this did not work.
After I have placed the code into FileNamePromptDialog.Shown event - it does work.
This is good for now though I don’t understand why the first try didn’t work.

In any case I think I am good for now, thank you.

Created an Issue about this:
#76402 - WebTextField in WebDialog not setting focus in Shown event

I don’t know if the WebDialog has some limitation but was not expecting that.

Thanks for confirmation and creation of the issue.