Xojo2023r3: WebFileUploader

I am working on web app conversion from Xojo2018 to latest Xojo2023r3.
I have web page with WebFileUploader control.
In the FileAdded event there is following line of code:

me.RemoveFileAtIndex(me.FileCount - 1)

The above code is legitimate in Xojo2018; however in, Xojo2023r3 this is not the case, the Analyzer shows 2 errors. The purpose of the above code is to remove file from the list if the name of the file is not meeting certain criteria.

My question is, how can substitute the above line of code to make it work in Xojo2023r3?

OK, I think I was too quick. The WebFileUploader control in Xojo2023r3 does not have the list like in Xojo2018, hence I need to add WebListBox control as well.