Xojo2023r3: problem saving project

Using Mac OSX Ventura 13.5.1 with both Xojo2018 and Xojo2023r3, have license for both that allows me to store projects as text file (I use GitLab with both projects).

Yesterday when I left Xojo2023r3 project open on my laptop, lost power in the evening resulting in loss of internet access. When trying to use Help Xojo could not access online help and suggested local help installation, which I selected and appeared to work, I left it all over night open.

This morning I did some work on conversion in the open project then tried to save and got the message that I have no valid license and I can only save it as Binary project. I cancelled, closed Xojo without saving, reopened, then added little change to the code and saved without any issue.

Question, why would Xojo2023r3 give me the warning that I have no valid license and I can only save in Binary form? Is this considered to be a bug or a feature?

If Xojo has tried to validate your licence and failed then I can see why it would want confirmation that you have a valid license the next time it starts up? I presume it is checking at startup and this is why it worked again once quit and restarted. If you visit 'Apple about Xojo" or Help About in windows then there is a way of testing your license, downloading or fixing such problems.

Well, nothing is ever simple, I don’t care much about the license validation as long as I can do my work, I just find it very distracting when things happen differently and I don’t know why. Btw, “Xojo/About Xojo” shows License Keys menu which allows me to Update/Add/Remove but not change anything pertaining to license validation. Anyway, thanks for response and have happy Friday!

Greg - best to talk to Xojo support about licensing issues with the IDE.

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I guess the validation of your license was not possible after no internet connection.

You can download a license file from your online account and apply that to your Xojo version, then no internet access is needed for validation.

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Hi Greg - You can also try logging out of the Xojo IDE then logging back in. That might clear this up.