Xojo2023r2 IDE has wrong LSMinimumSystemVersion in plist

Installed Xojo2023r2 today on an older macbook running High Sierra 10.13.6
Installation went fine. The IDE runs.
But DebugBuild doesn’t work, shows the error “Compilation Failed. An error occurred when attempting to launch the application.”
So I checked the minimum system requirements for the IDE online, and it says 10.14
Hm, why was I able to install the IDE on this machine? I checked the Xojo.app plist, and sure enough, it lists 10.13.6
So that needs to be fixed.


Have you checked there?

Is the minimum version set correctly?

That’s for built applications. I’m talking about the IDE itself.

Again, this is irrelevant. It’s about the IDE, not built applications. You guys don’t seem to understand. The problem isn’t in the documentation, it’s in the .plist file inside the Xojo IDE app bundle.

So why did you write:

Are you building the Xojo IDE?

No, you are completely missing the point. Let me try to explain it to you:

There is a .plist file inside the Xojo app bundle. You can find it here:

Xojo.app > Contents > Info.plist

In this .plist file there is a key LSMinimumSystemVersion. This key has the value 10.13.6 written there, which is wrong. It should be 10.14.0. Because this value is wrong, macOS allows the Xojo IDE to be installed on macOS 10.13.6 when it shouldn’t, because the IDE doesn’t work on 10.13.6. Xojo clearly states in the documents that the minimum system required to run the IDE is 10.14. They have put the wrong value in the Info.plist of the IDE. Do you understand now?

The mistake has nothing to do with built applications, which is why your response is irrelevant. The fact that building failed was simply the clue which led me to look into the Info.plist of the Xojo app bundle and find their mistake.


Please don’t be discourteous against me.
You seem to assume that the IDE mistakenly being installable on an OS it shouldn’t has an effect on the ability to build the app. What if it’s just this assumption that is wrong?

No, Aaron’s assumption is correct. And the plist is wrong. I fell for the wrong plist, too.

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Ok, I’m fine with that.

So… just because the default minimum system requirement is 10.14 does not mean that the IDE’s minimum is 10.14. That field is editable so users can modify it based on their needs and if your project is not using the things that require 10.14 then you could potentially set the value lower.

In your first post, you said:

So the problem is not with the IDE’s plist setting. I would argue that a developer could be working on 10.13 and have set their project to 10.13 and have everything work just fine.

Well, that’s a novel take on it. I won’t say you’re totally wrong there, but even if what you say is true (I don’t have any reason to test your theory) it’s still mostly wrong and misses the point, because …

  • The IDE’s Info.plist setting (10.13.6) does not match the published minimum system requirements for the IDE (10.14).

If Xojo.inc is going to allow the IDE to be installed on 10.13.6 then they should also change the published minimum requirement for the IDE.

The discrepancy obviously needs to be corrected.

I’ve described the problem about as clearly as possible. I’m leaving the topic now. Have a nice day everyone!

Do you have a 10.13.6 system?
Did you install Xojo there?
Can you change the Minimum Version for macOS that the IDE offers? This is the default (use 10.13 or 10.13.6 there):

then try to run/build and see if it works?

I understand that if Xojo allows installation to 10.13.6, then the Minimum Version should be 10.13.6, doesn’t make sense to allow a 10.13.6 installation and have the Minimum Version to 10.14.0 so any user just trying Xojo (using macOS 10.13.6) will get an error when trying to run their code. First impressions and all that.

So the IDE should not be allowed to be installed in systems less than 10.14.0, I agree.

The IDE is useless on High Sierra without the debugger.

I’m not convinced the debugger was at fault. There’s no indication on this thread as to what type of project was being run and it would be helpful to know that because it may be possible to run an app if it doesn’t require any 10.14 features.

this problem was already present on xojo since september 2022. you couldnt run the app in debug mode under high sierra. you could build the app, but not run in debug mode.