Hi, Just wondered how people pronounce ‘XOJO’ please let me know your thoughts on this…or your version of speaking it.

zo joe

That’s also how the Xojo team pronounces it.


If you watch their videos on YouTube with auto-captions, it’s either Zojo, So Joe, Dojo, Zoso and So So, among others.

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It also depends on the region you live in, I guess.
In my case, I just pronounce it in “regular french”, as we often do in this language (e.g. iPhone being like “ePhone”, etc.).

Personally I say ‘ZOJOE’…Thanks for the replies.

There is a mix of a little k and little g first for me → gZOJO or kZOJO .

I think the letter J is more complex than X, around the world, but I don’t know that much…

in spanish sounds more like soho (sojo if you read it using spanish sound) :smile:


In the Netherlands (Dutch) it would be pronounced as KSOJO.

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In Canada, we pronounce it zoe-joe-eh :wink:

Emphasis on the third syllable.

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Good idea. I went through an upvoted a bunch of correct pronunciations. As a brand name, there really isn’t room for debate or local dialect, it’s up to the company. A brand could be spelled “Ted” and if the company says it’s pronounced “Watermelon” then that’s the way it’s pronounced. It’d be stupid and bad branding, but that’s besides the point.

So as was already pointed out, the company pronounces it “Zo Joe.” That’s it. That’s the one way to pronounce it. You can hear Dana pronounce it here: Xojo Programming Course, 1: Introduction - YouTube


do all canada , add -eh to everything??

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Single Office, Home Office…:joy:

The Italians do that, too.

I though Italian do the -oh…
malaysian end everything with -lah

I don’t know about all Italians. I just remember a terrible training with a woman who spoke totally slow and every word had an additional -eh at the end. As she came from Fiat she probably was from Turin so something northern?

Nearly a half-century ago, in my school days, I seem to remember just about everyone said it (adults and kids).

Some still do say it now, quite unconsciously.

Others, I think actively try to suppress it.

And because it is sort of a national joke, others like me will still occasionally inject it into conversation deliberately, so we can laugh at ourselves, eh.


It’s actually Eh?

the same with me… since I move to UK, I don’t use it anymore… but for some reason, when I go back to Malaysia for holiday, the LAH automatically come out…