XOJO/Yosemite and Breakpoints

Do breakpoints in the 2015r1 IDE not work in Yosemite???

I have put breakpoints in the code, and when it gets to the line, it simply suspends everything (and I mean EVERYTHING), no IDE, no APP, just the OSX Desktop…
XOJO and the app are still running (or at least the Dock says they are)…

Also, does anyone else see this annoying sliding screen feature? It is most annoying

Breakpoints work fine for me as long as the code with the breakpoint isn’t also open in another tab at the time I set the breakpoint (or something like that).

What do you mean “open in another tab”

All I know is if I set breakpoints in some code under Maverick and run the app… it stops when it hits the BP, and displays the code window, allowing me to examine various properties and variables

If I do the exact same thing in Yosemite, when it hits the BP, the app window, the ide vanish… no code is displayed, and since the ide is no longer visibile, there is no control, and force quit is the only option.

This has forced me to write/debug the code on Maverick, copy it to my Yosemite machine to test run it with out breakpoints

This is a behaviour that for me at least is UNIQUE to Yosemite (and I’d like to know who put Ives in such a “do no wrong” status, his design for Yosemite is TERRIBLE (looks like Windows 1.0)

I’m not having any such trouble. Perhaps a corrupted pref file or cache?

BTW, to answer your question, let’s say you have Window1 with an Open event, and you have that Open event code editor open on two tabs within the IDE. While your debug app is running, you set a breakpoint in the Open event in one of the tabs, then switch to the app and open a new Window1. That breakpoint may not be recognized.

(I have never tried to track down the exact steps, but it’s something like this. In any event, it doesn’t sound related to what you’re describing.)

Restart Windows, sorry OS X. Breakpoints work for me, but I see a lot of weird graphical glitches with Yosemite, including my screen suddenly appearing half off the screen. The only way to fix it is to restart.

Also our Core Image apps are not as stable on Yosemite as they are on Mavericks, I’m guessing that there’s some bugs in the graphics drivers or the triple buffering stack!