Xojo Xml Project Format does not save ColorGroup or Worker

Feedback Case Number: <https://xojo.com/issue/64687>, <https://xojo.com/issue/64688>

Who takes care of the review of newly implemented properties at Xojo?

The Xojo Xml Project Format does not store ColorGroups or Workers. For ColorGroups, a block of type “ColorAsset” is created in the xml file, but its colors are not saved.

I find this a pretty serious bug that should be fixed very quickly. In my opinion even with a point release for the Xojo version in which these classes were introduced.

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The architecture of a copy script isn’t saved either for xml. That means nobody - except me - is using that feature and therefore the bug doesn’t have high priority. image

Next thing:

Xojo Xml Project Format doesn’t save Linux’ Normalise Control Sizes Property

Xojo should migrate to have JUST ONE format: TEXT. And 3 output variants of such unified format (open text, compressed [zip], and compressed locked with password). that way it would have just ONE POINT of failure, and never more one format will be ok and another one will be destroying sources.

I consider the text format useless because it doesn’t support external code. Many of my classes are used in multiple projects.

It supports external code or anything, not in the current version. It’s just another problem needing to be addressed too.

Do you use git?
Did you ever try Submodules?
We use them for exactly that use case and it works great.
Our framework which is used in every project of us is a submodule.

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a) No, I don’t use Git.
b) Literally every class can be used in another project. I don’t want extra administration.

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I just tried to create an external module in a text project.
Seems to work.

Classes in modules don’t work when made external: