XOJO XML project documentation

Hi - is there any documentation available that explains what an xml project file contains? I would like to know what tags are available, what the options are for each, etc. I am trying to see if I can write a conversion program from another dialect of Basic that includes form definitions, and documentation of the xojo xml project format would sure help. I am using an xml file generated by the VB migration assistant for a VB project as a guide, but it generates xml for RealBasic 2009 so it’s likely quite outdated.

Xojo does not document the XML structure… And I can attest it is a tricky one to decode…
Most of it is fairly easy to decypher… but I have found sections where there are inferred forward refrences between sections, and they are not explictly tied together.

Thanks Dave - that’s what I figured, but it didn’t hurt to ask. I will do the best I can!

The XML hasn’t changed much since then
I still have code on my web site that generated XML way back in 2005 and the code it creates loads fine still

@Norman Palardy

Are there new structures for Web Edition documented somewhere (that aren’t displayed here:

as the only project format for web edition is xojo_binary_project format currently when saving? Figure I’d ask, as with the Web Edition Font Embedder over at XDS, I resorted to building the code in binary format, which is an absolute pain in the butt…but it works. I ask as I’ve been updating the VB Convert Pro source code, and would like to add support for desktop to direct web edition translation (as the current method is the tedious repetitive copy paste, copy paste, copy paste, add new controls with Web_Super).

There is a book written on XML for Xojo desktop, and am not sure of documentation specific for the web edition.

There is much helpful information in the forums.

There is no updated xml documentation.
As far as I know that is about the last version.
We make few, if any, assurances about documentation for the various file formats nor do we publish specifications for them.

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