Xojo Workflow Survey for Future xDev Article

Hi Xojoers!

An xDev Magazine reader recently suggested an article about how to set up a Xojo workflow. For example, do you use multiple hardware machines, virtual machines, or cloud machines? How do you manage all the various versions of Xojo, plugins, tools, and so on? How do you keep track of which versions are used on which projects? How do you handle building, testing, distribution, etc. for multiple platforms?

Since there are a million ways to do this, I thought it best to get feedback from many Xojo users. I have created a short survey where you can input your responses:

Xojo Workflow Survey

My plan is to keep this survey open for a week or so and compile an article from the responses, which I’ll publish in the next issue of xDev. I’m especially looking for variety, unusual or innovative techniques, tips on setting everything up, and so on.

(You can take the survey anonymously, but if you want credit in the article, include your contact info. If I quote you in the article, I can also comp you the issue of xDev if you’re not a subscriber.)

Hopefully the survey is self-explanatory, but if you any questions or problems, let me know.

– Marc

Question 2 is way too generic.

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It has to be broad as there are so many different workflows. I didn’t want to ask the question in a specific way that would restrict responses to a certain type of answer.

But there are no wrong answers. You can answer it however you’d like! :blush: