Xojo Windows

Xojo windows compile for mac too?

if yes how i must to do ??

Sorry, but no.

Only older versions for older systems. I can create MacOS 32bit apps from Windows using Xojo 2016r3 that runs ok on MacOS from 10.10 to 10.14. But currently Xojo is not being able to finish such update for their toolchain for newer targets. Besides the MacOS 64bit issue, ARM now adds a bit more complexity. The usual behavior is the compiler/tooling spit a tar file you can move to a Mac and unpack the app there. I do that all the time.

I’m now realising this isn’t on the roadmap either. Being more than a bug (it’s a feature even promoted on the website), it should be a whole area of work… :thinking:

most of the work is inside the LLVM. so not xojo work they have to wait for them to implement it.

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Actually, @Geoff_Perlman has said publicly that they are devoting resources to implementing this, they just don’t have a timeline yet.

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Has the LLVM enough resources and interest in doing that? I’m feeling it takes way too much time since we started to have this problem.

I remember that. Whoever does it, it seems to be a big missing piece in the puzzle for now.