Xojo window flickering

Hi all, if I try to move the Xojo window in development mode from my surface 4 screen to the external monitor (1920x1080) the window start to flicker and it’s not possible to move it anymore… this was not happening with Xojo release 2016r3, but only with the new one 2016r4.1.
Does someone is experiencing the same problem?

Do you know if the external monitor is using hardware acceleration or not? Two thing she changed in r4… we switched from GDI to Direct2D (which is why I asked about HW accelration) and we enabled HiDPI for the IDE, which means that it could potentially be drawing more pixels if your screen has a scale factor greater than 100%.

Hello Carmine,

As Greg mentioned the newer Direct2D is implemented in Xojo 2016r4.1 and HiDPI is used in Xojo 2016r3. I noticed a difference on my Surface Book and Surface Pro 1. I changed the MiniDisplay port from VGA to DVI-D/HDMI and the flickering stopped.

Maybe this will help with the flickering issue?

Edit: I have two 1920x1080 external monitors for the Surface Book.

I have a Samsung C27F591FD (27’’, 1920x1080) external monitor for my Surface Pro 4 and to be honest I don’t know if it is using hardware acceleration or not (looking at the spec I don’t think). The monitor is connected with an HDMI connector to a MS Surface Docking station (using a mini-displayport-HDMI adapter).
Everything works fine if I reduce the scale factor on the Surface Pro display to 100% (it was configured to 200% supporting a resolution of 2736x1824).
many thanks for the support.