Xojo website problem

I tried to use the feedback app to report this but the app just crashed.

Visiting docs.xojo.com shows as insecure in the browser bar, there is a problem with the SSL certificate.

If you search for a topic in Google and go to the page directly then browsers warn you off entirely.

Interesting. I don’t see this in any of my browsers.

Let’s ping @Dana_Brown and @Alyssa_Foley

Hi Rod, use https://docs.xojo.com to connect securely.

I did, that’s what I get.

He’s getting your certificate, the browser is saying that the wildcard cert is not from a trusted source (Sentigo). I suspect that his root ca records need updating since Sentigo (and your cert) and properly recognized here and on my phone.

And how is he supposed to do that? Most people know nothing and care even less about certificates.


This is what I get.

Something is definitely wrong. I get the same invalid certificate in Chrome 85.0.4183.102.

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Thanks Rod, looking into it.

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Yep - I get an SSL warning when trying to visit the old RB forum: https://forums.realsoftware.com/16841-queue-classes-as-linkedlist

The old forums are plain http, which is not related to our current docs site.

@Rod_Pascoe You should be all set now, let me know if you’re still seeing an error.

It’s supposed to be maintained in Apple’s security updates and you can also download their root.ca file if you know how to do it yourself.