XOJO Web Server Setup - Help


I was wandering if somebody managed to make a full setup of a linux server to run XOJO web apps on it, i have currently one debian 7 x64 with ia32-libs installed and i cannot get the app running at all .

i always get “No such file or directory at test.cgi line 173.”

Any ideas ? or a good tutorial on this ?

Here you find a good Howto from Christian. Worked for me aswell!

P.S. Try to use Google Translate for english version

First, it will be easier to test a standalone web app first to make sure that the ia32-libs are installed properly.

After that is working, you can move onto testing a CGI deployment. Your error in test.cgi indicates that the CGI Perl script used to launch the Xojo web app could not find the Xojo web app. It’s tough to say why that could be offhand. It could easily be improper Apache config, improper ia32libs, or some other bad config.

Other tips and advice are noted here: