Xojo Web Architecture Query

I’m developing a web app that has multiple web pages that are compiled in one executable file. Here is my question: Does Xojo load the whole exe in the (server’s) memory or does it dynamically manage the pages to be loaded to the client as requested?


Since Xojo web apps are stand alone apps (a server) the whole app needs to be loaded, it then “serves” the pages

Thank you, Hector for responding.

So, this means that the bigger app you have, the longer it would take to load it to the client’s browser?

There’s a difference between what’s loaded in to server memory and what’s sent to the client browser. More additional assets (CSS, JavaScript, images) to be sent to the client browser will take more time to load for the user, but WebPages and the like are sent as-needed.

That clears up some things in my head. Thank you, Anthony.