Xojo Web App / New Application / Xojo Cloud and some questions....

Hi all,
we plan to write a new web application (something like or compared to Marketo). We thought about of using Xojo Web (and iOS) for this project. We have actually a running application for Retail-Stores (based on PHP/Zend/MySQL running in DataCenter here in Germany) that is used by more than 20 retail chains with a couple of thousend users… Now we want to enhance this application with a new kind of campaign management and CRM backend based on Xojo.
No i have some questions about Xojo Webapps before we start with it (and to be sure that Xojo is the right tool for us)…

  1. Is the Xojo Cloud stable enough to handle thousands of users and requests per hour ?
  2. Would you prefer to host the App on another Provider ?? If so… why ?
  3. What do we have to take care of when we design the application especially when it comes to connect to databases ?
  4. Would you prefer the PostgeSQL oder MySQL database on Xojo Cloud and why you choose Postgres or MySql ?
  5. When it comes to database Connections with MySQL … why do i only see the MySQLCommunity “Provider” (dim db As New MySQLCommunityServer) ?
  6. Where is the best place to open the DB ? In the Session Open Event ? And then Close it in the Session Close Event ?
  7. Does every user have it’s on session ?
  8. When it Comes to provide services for our planned Xojo based mobile app… it it better to have this Services in separated headless service app instead of the normal Webapp ?
  9. When i want to host such an headless Service app… can this also be done with the Xojo Cloud in the same “Container” as the Webapp ?

Thx for helping me !!!