Xojo WE auto scale to smaller windows?

Is there a plan for WE to auto scale to smaller windows / devices? I can see WE being useful if so.

See my http://rubberviews.com/rubberviewswe.html

It even has Auto Layout, and constraints like CSS.

It’d be nice to have something built-in the product instead of having to fork over another $150 bucks for a feature that should be included. Nice work on your project though, in the meantime I guess that’s the only option.

Well, it was meant to emulate desktop app design, which also did not feature very good scaling.
So hey, points for feature parity. :wink:

Xojo WE is intrinsically not meant for autoscale. All controls size is corseted with for instance min-width and max-width = width and this is in absolute.

It means all the HTML autoscale features are out of reach.

I had to all sorts of wizardry to obtain live resize, when in an HTML/CSS page it would have been easy as pie.

On the other hand, I often read in this forum people who complain they cannot have exactly the font size or control size they entered in the IDE because, indeed, they want exactly the same behavior as Desktop.

Won’t you file a feature request ?

Thank you for the replies, and Michel your RubberViewsWE looks great, just a little out of my price range (I’m a hobbyist that can barely code). :slight_smile:

Download the demo. It is fully functional, except for a Msgbox reminding its evaluation nature.

So you can use it for yourself as much as you want.