Xojo Wars?????

Can someone point me to information regarding what Xojo Wars is???
I saw a post, but it explains absolutely nothing about what it actually is?



Thanks - I saw that, but it doesn’t explain anything?
Is this a competition to see who can make the best game? Or a game of Asteroids amongst members?



You create a class that implements the strategy for your “player” and submit it to Xojo. They load your class into a game and run what amounts to a simulation, pitting your class against the classes of other participants. So it’s who can come up with the best strategy.

:frowning: I though it was a game of asteroids for members :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Nice, just pulled it from GitHub. This is going to be fun :slight_smile:

Did somebody mention Asteroids?

Then, grab the SpaceRocks Xojo projects for Desktop and iOS!

Nice! Although it’s no fun playing alone :frowning:


Wasn’t it so that Jason is not far from releasing GameKit? :wink:

BTW, I wonder: Did the original game have friction? I seem to recall the spaceship kept on running in the direction you had been accelerating.

The original game did have a tiny amount of friction but not much

In this version, the ship does continue in the direction it was going when you release the thrusters, but the speed slowly slows over time to eventually stopping. I have no idea if this is how the original worked, though.

Maybe for Xojo Wars 2 at XDC 2016!

Never mind, Paul. Thanks for bringing those old memories up anyway! I wonder if a remake would be a nice project, with some bonus goodies to earn from time to time. I heard of an available iOS game engine … :wink: – and wasn’t there an idea about a Xojo charity game last year that seems to be deceased … ?

Yes - I started Xharity last year. About 20 people expressed an interest, but only about 4 of us actually contributed, so the idea has been put on long term hold :frowning:

Oh, too bad. I wasn’t even really aware of your project – I had noticed the helicopter game last year that was extended for some time. So, no progress on your project?

We can’t really proceed as there is only myself, Alain, Alwyn, and Mike.
Alain and Alwyn are game / animation gurus, but more than 4 people are needed.

Sorry to hear that. It’s not the right project for me right now – I don’t know much about OpenGL, so I’d be more interested in an iOS/OS X game running on SpriteKit. While that’s basically OpenGL too, it’s really easy to handle. Cannot say so for the original :wink:

I’ve been building up a “gamekit” based on SpriteKit for fun. The advantage over using declares for SpriteKit is cross platform. It has been an interesting exercise using some iOS/OSX game tutorials I purchased from Ray Wenderlich’s site. I’m filling out the kit as I need it for the tutorials. I think the actions are my favorite. Between repeat actions, action groups and action sequences you can simplify a ton of stuff.

That’s interesting, Peter! Can you give some more insight on your project?
I managed to have a first appearance of SpriteKit on OS X desktop and was thinking about building a sprite construction kit when I figured out how to make it run reliably. XCode has a scene editor, but I couldn’t find any way to add PhysicsJoints so complex sprites need a lot of manual fine tuning – or are the joints hidden somewhere?