Xojo Wars Community Battle Kickoff

Join us June 2nd for the kickoff of our community battle - Xojo Wars! Xojo Wars was the gaming contest at XDC 2015, but now the entire community can participate! Come to the webinar to learn about Xojo Wars and ask any questions you may have. Be sure to attend to find out what the prize for winning will be!

The battle itself will take place on July 14th. All submitted entries will be run in a live battle to determine the winner!

Only a few more days until the Xojo Wars Community Battle Kickoff!

Register Now to be the first to hear about the prize, get some tips and see Xojo Wars in action.

Only one more day, so don’t forget to register for the Xojo Wars Community Battle Kickoff webinar.

Anyone can play, from Xojo beginners to experts, and have a chance at winning a great prize package!

May the source be with you!

For those that missed it, the recording of the Xojo Wars 2015 Community Battle Kick-Off webinar is now available to watch.