Xojo vs Realstudio

Honestly, I feel better with the REALSTUDIO 2012.
Xojo for windows, in my opinion, the worst and the slower compiler exists.

I’ll stay as long as I can with realstudio 2012 after which the software will improve if you do not abandon him.

Maurizio Felicioni

Not an unreasonable perspective. This is, essentially, a version 1 release (though some might still call it a beta quality) and it WILL get better. I have a number of Feedback items marked as fixed already so that’s a good sign.

The only real question is how long will we have to wait for the next release?

Can the title on top be renamed by the author?? ‘Untitled conversation’ is rather confusing

It’s also a duplicate conversation to this: https://forum.xojo.com/2077-xojo-worst-program

I’m working with Xojo 2013R1 and am/will be frustrated every now and then, but sticking to 2012Rx? No way!
With 2013Rx, 2014Rx, etc. I’m heading to a new destination and staying with 2012Rx brings me back in the past instead of stepping forward into the future.
Just my 2 cents.