Xojo vs Real Studio

Honestly, I feel better with the REALSTUDIO 2012.
Xojo for windows, in my opinion, the worst and the slower compiler exists.

I’ll stay as long as I can with realstudio 2012 after which the software will improve if you do not abandon him.

Maurizio Felicioni

This brings back memories of reactions when they switched from the original IDE to what became Real Studio 2012. :slight_smile:

Not as fast as on the Mac - yes. ‘slower’ (sic) though? And why ‘worst’, what else does it do wrong apart from being too slow?

Not really… While the RB2005 IDE was VERY buggy, and one did have to get used to a new workflow, the basic design did not have usability (productivity) issues that the Xojo design has.

Xojo is MUCH less buggy than RB2005 was at this stage but the basic workflow design is less optimal IMO

My memory was that it was much much worse in 2005. The dual monitor folks in particular were apocalyptic in their rants. A few versions later they gave us the ability to move stuff around and all was right with world again.

I am having very few problems with it at all. I’m running on MAC and it seems fine but there do seem to be a lot of Windows issues posted in the forums.

My only issue is I can’t see what benefit I have gained from XOJO. Ok we have gone from Cocoa beta to Cocoa. I dont mean to knock it because it looks good but I am struggling to see where the benefit lies. I expected we would get some more native controls like the sourceview control etc but nope. I even found myself reading the “New In This Release” to see if I was missing something. Nope not really.

Complaining gets no where, helps no one, hurts everyone. If you want to offer constructive criticism instant, that great.


The Windows IDE (Xojo, RS, or RB) has always trailed behind the usability of the Mac IDE. Most of the Xojo, Inc developers are Mac users, or so it seems, so naturally OS X gets the lions share of their attention (look at all the work they did to add Cocoa support while I’ve heard nothing about adding support for WinRT; Xojo has had built-in support for AppleScript for years but there has never even been a discussion about doing something with Windows Scripting Host, etc.) A developer will scratch their own itches first.

It does get old to see Windows take a back seat to OS X every single time, but it ceases to surprise.

I’m not complaining at all Jeremy. What I mean is, I have gone from RB to XOJO, spent a few days getting up to speed with the new IDE and now back to where I was pre-XOJO, happily developing. I’m not sure if it has added any benefit to my development process (maybe that wasn’t what it was meant to do).

I’m certainly not complaining, to me the transition has been seamless, well done XOJO team. I simply opened up my existing project and carried on.

I think it’s more of a language issue. Possibly a bad translation. Looks like a machine translation, even

Ok :slight_smile: Actually I did get the language issue a bit although maybe compiler == IDE? However I wanted to see if the poster could give a bit more specific detail.

[quote=14794:@Karen Atkocius]Not really… While the RB2005 IDE was VERY buggy, and one did have to get used to a new workflow, the basic design did not have usability (productivity) issues that the Xojo design has.

Xojo is MUCH less buggy than RB2005 was at this stage but the basic workflow design is less optimal IMO[/quote]

You’re talking about the differences in the apps from what came before, whereas I’m comparing the reactions. I agree with Joseph that the transition to Real Studio garnered a worse reaction, but I maintain they are comparable. My point is that change is hard and it’s often difficult to distinguish the true issues from the resistance to change. Note, I’m agreeing that there are real issues, but not enough to justify a thread that starts with “worst program”.

So don’t complain and let Xojo form the conclusion that their new IDE is flawless with only praises and fairies wondering around on the forums?

Complaints are fine so long as they are valid and not just being argumentative /rude for the fun of it, which I fail to see in OP’s post.

Constructive criticism is great and all, but not everyone is an IDE making expert and this is highly speculative of Xojo actually taking it on board and using it, rather than just taking the underlining complaint and fixing it “their own way”.

Constructive criticism is almost always pointless unless the receiver is requesting as such, otherwise your just adding garbage on top of what is otherwise a simple complaint.

I can bet that this is just a language issue. Maurizio isn’t a typical Texan name. :slight_smile:

Probably it was his way to say something like “I prefer REALSTUDIO 2012 than Xojo”. So, let’s try to be a bit more tolerant.


Xojo uses the IDE. Your complaints are not necessary for them to see what can be improved upon in the interface. They’re useful to gauge the impact of what needs to be fixed, up to a point. Ten people complaining about a bug for my apps has the same weight as ten people screaming bloody murder and threatening to leave my app and curse my children.

Xojo has a great way to gauge impact of bugs: Feedback. You can subscribe and add to tickets raised, helping them understand how each of them affects individually. The forums in this case are for venting, “rallying the troops” and in general be the equivalent of a strike: Trying to get traction by being annoying to the group you want action from.

I’m talking about complaining in general where we can agree we’re not talking about constructive criticism, of course, but specifically addressing the insane notion that Xojo needs complaints to see their IDE still needs improving upon (the same IDE they use every day, that is).

Xojo 2013R1 is a v1.0 product. It will have some issues. But with R1.1 (guessing there might be a 1.1 release) and R2 and R3 it is going to get much better.

Complaints are not bug reports. We can’t open a bug report for a feeling.
But you can complain, and few people will comment about it.

We had this exact issue during the Beta phase. Few people complaint about an specific slowness, and Xojo told: “nope. It’s ok. It’s a little thing”. And more people joined to the complaining and even made movies showing how the slowness affected them. So, Xojo examined the matter a bit deeper and enhanced it. Win-Win.

Just to remember.

Requires a new compiler before we can even contemplate this for MOST RT devices that run ARM or non-x86 CPU’s
And then there’s Metro (or whatever they call it now) which might require a new framework

we really have minimal support - you can send a “DoScript” command to the IDE
Not much more
The rest of any apple script support we get for free by being a cocoa application

I think there’s a request for this but it’s VERY low down the priority list as rated by users as it doesn’t rank very high in the Top cases list

Except for maybe moving the framework to .Net there’s not a lot that MS has done that requires us to make lots of updates /changes
Certainly not on the same scale as Apples changes

I am failing to see what all the complaints are about. I am running Xojo MAC and was using RB for about 2 to 3 years prior. I thought the transition was flawless, well done Xojo team. I have had some really minor bugs that are not even worth blinking at. It took me about 2 to 3 days to feel comfortable in the new IDE, ok i’m getting round it a little but slower than the old IDE but that will speed up.

Good bit of kit. Thanks Xojo inc. and i’m sure any wrinkles will get ironed out.