Xojo very slow to load

I’m running Xojo on Windows7(x64) and it takes a very long time for Xojo to load. It takes something like 30 seconds to load all the frameworks, plugins etc. before I finally get to the Project Chooser. Once in the Project Chooser, I get a twirling mouse cursor for something like 10 seconds before I can select anything. If I try to select anything before the mouse cursor stops twirling, I get the “Not Responding” message. Anyone else noticing this?

I get pretty much the same startup time on my Mac but I don’t get the spinning wheel with the project chooser. I’m not really surprised as I have a full suite of MBS plugins and a couple of others so startup is crazy busy.

Ran a quick back to back test to get RS and Xojo to the product project chooser;

With plugins;

  • Xojo takes 28 seconds (64 plugins)
  • RS2012 2.1 takes 48 seconds (63 plugins)

Without any plugins;

  • Xojo takes 7.5 seconds
  • RS takes 6 seconds

Not a very scientific test but I’m happy with a 20 second improvement to my load time! :slight_smile:

I don’t have any plugins loaded so I can’t save any time on that. The thing that concerns me most though, is the length of time I get the twirling mouse cursor before I can do anything.

I just fired up my VM - Windows 7 32Bit 8GB (Parallels). Not a particularly fast VM.

28 seconds to load Xojo with no plugins and similar for RS.

I’m sure there are things I can be doing to improve the performance of my VM but I haven’t really had time to play yet. Didn’t get any twirling mouse on the project chooser though.

There is a problem with the windows IDE that causes the wait cursor (twirling ball) for a period of time after launching the IDE. The trick is to change the IDE to not quit on closing the last window - see bottom of page on General settings. This will leave a systray icon that you can use to open a new project etc.

The more plugins you have the more time it takes to load the IDE, so the less often you want to do it!

OK, I’ve just changed that setting and I now have a systray icon which shows “New Project…”, “About”, “Exit” and if I click on “New Project…”, I get the Project Chooser without the twirling mouse cursor. WooHoo! :-))

I’m getting close to the same results with my Windows 7 64 bit pc. I can live with the slow load time but the IDE is very slow to render controls while in design mode. Almost to the point that it’s not usable. I use Windows 8 64 bit at the office and don’t have the slow design problem but it still takes a while to load. I hope these issues are fixed in the next release.

I’m on Mac and it loads to the project chooser in 6 seconds.

MacBook Air - 1.8GHz Intel Core i5, 4GB 1600MHz DDR3

Loading Xojo with 9 plugins ( 7 of MBS’ plugins, GZip, and ToringoCrypto) takes more than a full minute on my Windows 7 machine. The Project Chooser is unusable for an additional 5-10 seconds afterwards. By comparison, on the same machine and with the same plugins, RS2011r4.3 takes 20 seconds to load and the Project Chooser is immediately usable.

Sounds like a Xojo on Windows is causing the issues.