Xojo Using Windows 10 Spell Check

Windows 10 was released with Spell Checking built-in like macOS. I was wondering if anyone has gotten the Windows 10 Spell Check to work with Xojo?

Yes. http://www.bkeeney.com/allproducts/bks-spell-checker-plugin-for-xojo/ It also has options to use Hunspell dictionaries instead.

Hi Bob,

As you already know, in macOS, Xojo can use the system spell check. I’m just wondering if that same functionality is also supported in Windows 10 without the need for a third-party plugin. I already have a spell check plugin for Windows. I just wanted to use the Windows Spell checker without purchasing a plugin for a function that is already built-in to the OS.

Until Xojo exposes the API in their framework this is the only way, that I’m aware of, to implement spell checking in Windows app in a Xojo app. And even then there’s no way, again that I’m aware of, to do the squiggly misspelled symbol in Windows like there is on Mac OS X.

The plugin has the ability to use the built-in spell checkers where available for Mac OS X and Windows. Obviously Window 7 does NOT have the spell checker built-in so we had to provide an alternative method for spell checking - hence the Hunspell option.

This plugin was originally developed for use with the Formatted Text Control where built-in spell checking was a high need. In that control we do all the drawing so we get to control the misspelling squiggle.

Xojo TextArea does not support Windows 10 correct as typing or underline misspelled words.

Thank you Bob and Michel. I have a third party spell check that I use for my other software that I will use for my Windows apps until Xojo supports the Windows 10 system spell check. Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.

Do not hold your breath 'till then. :wink:

I don’t have a link to it, but paraphrasing that one guy who always says things that noone listens to:

The little third party control I have now seems to be working fine, so I’m not in a big hurry. It would just take a few steps out if Xojo did support it.

who would ever say that ? (https://xojo.com/issue/45593)>]

Norman’s link seems broken. Here it is again:


what third party spell checker do you use?? James

Does Window not automatically add spell check options to a system text control? Maybe some declare gurus could enable it?

Not for the native Win32 control.

Neither Notepad nor WordPad have spell check, even if it is enabled under Windows 10.

This indicates, perhaps, that a new control is possible for 64 bit windows?

Not Xojo 64 bit which is still Win32 (name of the framework).

I would suppose .NET could benefit from that :

It would seem possible to devise a DLL or an helper in .NET that would be used to present an edition box.