Xojo using deb install instead of tgz

I have been using RB on Mandriva linux both as an IDE platform and a compiled platform fine without difficulty. The compiled apps run fine, but Xojo3.3 comes as a .deb file and from what I read on forums I shouldn’t try to install this on Mandriva. What happened to the tgz file and can I get Xojo packaged that way?

On the Download page, there is an option at the bottom for “Linux (No Installer)” which is the tgz version.

Where are you installing the IDE / Frameworks? The dpkg (.deb) and RPM packages install into /opt and that really is the safest place for 3rd party tools and apps. I’m curious because I use the TGZ as well since I run all of my non-system tools from a separate drive mounted at /opt/Applications.

I like the fact that Xojo is such a clean install in can go just about anywhere. I put it on a subfolder of my Documents folder…

I just can’t get Mandriva to successfully run dpkg so I’m needing the tgz. Thanks Paul