Xojo users job opportunity!

Hi there!
My name is Sean Clancy and I am in the process of starting up a business here in New Zealand called “Industrial Dream Factory”
I’m looking for other Xojo programmers in New Zealand (preferably close to me (I’m in Hamilton - but I’d like to move to Auckland)) who would like to join me in this business.
We would make cross-platfrom apps for anybody who would like a specialized app. We could also make web apps which would run not only on the net but also on phones!
Involved with this, I have extensive skills in Music composition, copywriting, concerts (I’m a professional guitarist with over 10 million views on Youtube). We would also be working with a close college of mine who is a top graphic designer in Poland. Her skills are in branding and she was the sole designer and art director for graphic work for Euro 2012 (her work was all over the major cities, bridges and pretty much everywhere).

So what do you say? We could create a nice company that would take our hobby of Xojo to the next level and make a really creative venture!

My contacts are
Sean Clancy,
tel 64 22 4140972

Get back to me if you’re interested.

Hi Sean, There is a group of Xojo Developers in Auckland. You can join the group here: http://www.meetup.com/Auckland-Xojo-Users-Group/

Hi Alyssa, I’m already on it :slight_smile:

What a shame… quite some time since I left Dunedin for Europe. Good luck with your startup, mate :slight_smile:

Ha! I actually came back from living in Poland for 5 years (that was 6 months ago)
My Graphic Designer is from Poland (we’ll be working across skype)
The company is moving ahead though!

I know lots of startups these days working across Skype (or other video chat). Sometimes it is not cost effective to move everyone to the same locale. And sometimes you lose potential great employees based on your/their physical locations if virtual work environments arent used.

We do that
We have people in USA (several locations), Canada(me), Australia, France, Japan, and others (these are the ones I deal with fairly regularly)
It works reasonably well and then we all get together at the conferences as well

For a LONG time when a position was posted I thought about applying but it always required moving to Austin
That for me was a problem
Then they posted a position & it seemed tailor made for me & did not require a relocation and I’ve been here ever since

I’m glad they made that move