Xojo UI

The latest 2023 version of Xojo when opening a project each time Xojo is not maximized you have to keep maximizing it will not remember on next startup

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I never run it maximised.

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Maximizing Windows is something Windows User do. I can’t remember when I did that on mac in the last years. But even on Windows I don’t remember that programs remember the maximized state.

You could just make a Feature Request asking a Preference “Start IDE Maximized” if you think more people would like that.


If this is Windows OS you could make a PowerShell script:

Start-Process "Xojo.exe" -WindowStyle maximized

Of course have the script cd to the Xojo Directory you want

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I must be the outlier! I run macOS with 3½ screens with all/most apps and projects full-screen.

Once the first Xojo Project is fullscreen, any others opened will go fullscreen to match.

I have some Windows in fullsize on screen, but they are not maximized.

I often have windows covering the whole screen, but on a Mac full screen is entirely different thing. You loose the menubar and everything.

When loading say or double clicking a Xojo project yes that maximizes but talking when loading Xojo and prompted to create a project when that opens the Xojo editor that window is small and you have to maximize it.

A feature request is the route to take.

You can make your own “blank project” and save it in the Project Templates folder. Use that when you want a new project?

Yeah, it sucks. But on earlier versions it remembered the size, filling the screen but wasnt really maximized.

I just get used to press: Alt+Space Then X

Lose, not loose. You don’t want a loose menubar floating about the screen.

Yes, that’s why I don’t do full-screen either. I might if I wanted to maximise the window of a VM running Win/Lin for some reason, but I never do.

The other week I was at an office where, using Windows, the task was to populate some spreadsheets from data presented in a browser window. So I had the two windows on the same screen and typed into the SS while reading from and scrolling the browser window. Having thee Excel window only that size rendered the ribbon fairly useless, and I missed not having a menubar attached to the display rather than a window, since it too would have been too narrow. I’ll take my Macbok next time.

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Typo and dyslexia, a fiendishly difficult word to spell.

You’re not wrong there !

And I thought that only foreigners messed those words.

I have most difficulty with the smaller words. Longer ones tend to be phonetic, which is somewhat easier for me, and besides I am a foreigner, I’m from Darkest Liverpool. :rofl:

At one point I used to get the bus to work at the end of Penny Lane.

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To some extent it’s a copycat thing. When I was first at CERN, I shared an office with a Frenchman which was helpful actually for both to improve our language skills. He corrected both me and another English colleague when we were both using imaginary French words that we thought existed, but did not. I did think of making a post in Off-Topic about common mistakes in English but haven’t got a Round-Tuit yet.

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I once bought my dad a Round-Tuit, so he could get on with all those jobs he wanted to do.

That takes me back to Widows-3.1, and no it’s not another typo.

Well now that’s interesting. Hover the mouse over the Reply button, and the tooltip comes up on the other screen, WTF.

Liverpool eh? We’re near Canterbury, one advantage of which is being able to get up early tomorrow for a day trip to France to buy lots of wine. Not been able to do that since before Covid.