Xojo Tuesday Hangout - (2021-02-23)

Xojo Tuesday Hangout

Topic: Demo from @Wayne_Golding on tips for running a Web App on Windows
2021-02-23T19:00:00Z (local time, duration: 40 minutes)

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Meeting ID: 812 5542 9965
Passcode: cW0Ck4


I have a zoom meeting at that time, do you think it will be possible to save the demo and upload to Xojo YouTube channel?

If not, maybe @Wayne_Golding can put the demo up or make a guest blog entry for Xojo blog?

Thank you.

Dana, missed the Tuesday meeting, thought it was at 4 PM EST, not 2 EST–figured it was the same time as the Friday Hangouts. Are these recorded and / or posted on YouTube or like? Frank.

Sorry, didn’t see your reply saying it was 2 PM EST. Will set the alarm for future meetings. Is there s place to see the most recent “Paul” video’s? Thanks. Frank

Hi Frank, sorry we missed you today. The Tuesday Hangout has been at this time, we just dropped the Friday one for now due to scheduling and availability. We do not record the hangouts, they are mostly social and the attendees have not consented to being recorded. Wayne saw @AlbertoD’s comment and mentioned he would try to record his demo. It was a good one :slight_smile:


Dana, thanks, my mistake on the timing, saw you mentioned 2 PM last Friday. Hopefully, next Tuesday. Any info is good info, sorry I missed it. Never been on the xojo youtube channel before. Would like to see Wayne’s demo. I assume Paul’s seminars are also on the same channel.

Today I demonstrated the entire process of deploying a Web App to a Windows Intranet Server in less than 10 minutes including offloading SSL processing & file serving. This allows my Wep App to do the Web Appy things and use the Web Server to do the Web Servery things.

I will provide @Dana_Brown with a movie to be shared on the Xojo Youtube feed within the next 10 days.


Wayne, quite an accomplishment! Exactly what I needed for testing of web apps on a local Win 2012 Server. Very much looking forward to your posting. Thanks!

You can watch Wayne’s demo here.

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