Xojo Trainer (Offline Xojo Training)

Today we announced a new product called Xojo Trainer which is our training videos packaged up for offline use. Available for Mac OS X and Windows and comes on a 32 GB flash drive which contains 55 hours of video and hundreds of project files with source code you can use in your own projects.

Pricing and other information available at http://www.bkeeney.com/allproducts/xojo-trainer/. Announcement at http://www.bkeeneybriefs.com/2014/10/offline-xojo-training-with-xojo-trainer/

is available for you customers that have web access ?

If you are an existing subscriber and wish to purchase the offline version, contact me at support@bkeeney.com for a discount.

as you add more videos to the online (web based) system, are they going to be available as an update to the offline version?

We will do something roughly every year.

Anyone that uses Bob’s training videos should seriously use the Xojo Trainer app. I got mine today and have already watched a video. Its the same great videos but in a method to watch when you are cut off from the internet or the internet is metered.

Thanks Bob & team!!

Thanks, Scott!

We just sent out a free update to all existing users. We’ve updated the database and added over 8 hours of additional video. Video topics included in the update:

• 1.0 iOS App Object
• 2.0 iOSApp Icon and Launch Images
• 3.0 iOSScreens and iOSViews
• 4.0 iOSTextField and iOSTextArea
• 5.0 iOSButton and iOSMessageDialog
• 6.0 iOSCanvas
• 7.0 iOSHTMLViewer
• 8.0 iOSImageViewer
• 9.0 iOS Primitive objects
• 10.0 iOSLabel
• 11.0 iOSSlider
• 12.0 iOSSwitch
• 13.0 Xojo.Core.Tiemr
• 14.0 iOSSegmentedControl
• 15.0 iOSTable
• 16.0 Xojo.Net.TCPSocket
• iOS Walkthrough

New Framework
• 1.0 Xojo.Core.Date
• 2.0 Xojo.Core.Dictionary

Web Edition
• PictureShare

Thanks for the update. Now I have many more hours of videos to watch.

Does this work on Windows 10? Can’t seem to get anything to come up past a splash screen on my copy…

Doug, we replied to you last week asking for more information.

Bob this is a great product and your support has been prompt and professional, just confirming it is supposed to work on Windows 10. My issue is still hanging even after your support instructions (The time lapse on this is all on my end. I just got around to working on this again yesterday)

No worries. Yes, it works in Windows 10 with no issues. One of my developers is working on this issue now.

My issue has been resolved by the Bkeeney staff and the product is running great on Windows 10. I highly recommend the product and the company.

@Doug Johnson can you tell us what the fix was or what was causing the issues? curious minds want to know.

Scott, I am not sure. Bkeeney support sent me new program files tied to my registration number and everything works. I assume it had something to do with their security on the software since the problem came up only after I upgraded my PC to Windows 10.

This is an issue with eSellerate and one more reason to move on. As with everything else, finding the time and energy to move licensing systems is a pain. The few cases we’ve run across we can always create a unique app for that person.

I have heard nothing but bad things or issues with eSellerate lately I am glad I dont use them. And feel the pain for those who are with them. Good Lucl!